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DVD Set for AAPS Conference 2017 (0101- DVDs Conf. 2019)


DVD SETS of Conference 2017
7 DVDs per Set, Just $65 including Shipping!
Comes in a snap-lid box with "pages" of DVDs inside

DVD #1
Michael Cremo: Forbidden Archeology: Evidence for Extreme
Human Antiquity in the Americas
Friday Evening Pane Discussion; May, Pennington, Hoenke,
Meyer, Jones, Wakefield, and Cremo

DVD #2
Dr. Lee Pennington: Film- Seafaring Strangers; Vikings in
Wayne May: Hopewell Temple Site in Iowa! Prev. undiscovered
DVD #3
Doug Jones & Scott Wolter: Ancient Find off
Maine Coast; small gold “Lamella” scroll inscribed w/unknown language. Never found in N America before.
Anita Meyer: Ancient Hebrew inclusions in Native American Languages
Bob Kreipke: Excerpts from his Part 2 of "America's Greatest Industry" which is ancient UP Copper (Travel Routes)
DVD #4
Jay Wakefield:  A Culture Terminated by the Michigan Copper Trade: Understanding Bronze Age Malta
Richard Thornton, Expert, Uchee & Creek Tribes, GA: The Uchee People of SE US, and North  Atlantic Connection.
DVD #5
Dr. Carl Johannnessen: Ancient Stone Wall Construction, etc.

Sat. Panel Discussion: List, Scherz, Price (chose not to have her talk filmed) Thornton, Kreipke, Wolter, Johannessen and Hardwick 
DVD #6
Dr. Robert List & Dr. Jim Scherz: Rembling Along Lat 45N: Reconnaissance Trip to Lakes Michigan, Superior & Huron, with update on Beaver Island
Bruce Hardwick: Spirit Talks

DVD #7
  Karl Hoenke: Evidence of ancient Hebrew "Coincidences" in old and new worlds
  Jo Lorichon: Update on Copper Harbor Petroglyphs
  Dan Creely: (subst. for Duane Kinnart) Adventures in Educational   
 Team Building, (with relativity to what we do in AAPS.)
Drumming Circle, Sales. Exhibits, Silent Auction Montage

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