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Tax Deductible Donation to AAPS

Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!
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There is no museum in the world dedicated to Ancient American Artifacts. AAPS is dedicated to build just such a museum where all the evidence can be laid out for all to see and study. Just like a jigsaw puzzle with scattered pieces, all brought to the table to study and fit into those missing spots of so many and varied subjects. We urge people to not reject any evidence, even if it's far afield of your course of study. Keep it, share it, put it on the "table" and your odd piece may be the missing piece of another researcher's puzzle. It takes many hands, many minds, and simply TONS of data and artifacts to build a completed puzzle. And YOU can help: by sharing your photos and data, by giving tax deductible donations to the Virtual Museum, and eventually a Physical Museum where ALL evidence is respected and shown.

This giant piece of copper (see timeline of copper and where it is now, on another page here: http://www.aaapf.org/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=99 )  is representative of why the Ancients came here...to remove the copper to the rest of the world to make bronze during the Bronze Age, and even earlier for other needs. Copper has been an important commodity for building, weapons, utensils, ornament, energy (think copper capped pyramids) and more.

Meanwhile AAPS continues its commitment to education via our annual Conference on Ancient America, now held in a larger venue; Island Resort/ConventionCenter/Casino Harris MI, 14 miles west of Escanaba on Hwy 41/US 2. 2017 is our 15th annual event.


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