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Brazilian Stonehenge Found (0054-Free Article)

Brazilian Stonehenge Found

Brazilian Stonehenge Found

You've heard about Stonehenge and Woodhenge. You may also have read about stone circles in southern Egypt and Miami, Florida. Now Brazilian archaeologists have found a well-defined ancient stone structure on a hill top in the Amazon. Specifically, this amazing discovery is located in the state of Amapá in the northern reaches of the Brazilian Amazon. Could primitive Indians living in the jungles of the Amazon have constructed this site? Archeologists also encountered fragments of pottery at the site which have been dated as 2,000 years old.

Anthropologists, as well as reports from books such as Karl Brugger's The Chronicle of Akakor, tell us that thousands of years ago an ancient civilization lived in South America. This astounding find of 127 megalithic granite blocks confirms their theories. Some of the stone blocks, still standing, are up to 3 meters (9 feet) tall, distributed at regular intervals in a circle, a perfect geometry for astronomical alignments.

The way the blocks are positioned and firmly placed in the ground clearly indicates that this was once a very sophisticated observatory. The head archaeologist Mariana Petry Cabral, of the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research of the State of the Amapá (Iepa), said that the monument has been known by the local population for many years. Although dates can be controversial, this is quite obviously an artifact from an era of pre-European colonization. It may be the oldest and best preserved observatory in the Western hemisphere. Brazilian archeologists have already determined that the circle pinpoints the winter solstice, the day when the sun is at its lowest in the sky.

From the website:  http://unmyst3.blogspot.com/2010/05/brazilian-stonehenge.html
In May 2006, reports emerged of an "Brazilian Stonehenge", found in the Amazon Basin, in Brazil. According to a report from the BBC, 127 giant stone blocks driven into the ground—upright and evenly spaced, each weighing several tons and up to 10 feet tall—on a remote hilltop in the province of Amapa appear to have been carefully arranged so as to imply advanced knowledge of astronomy and that well before the arrival of European colonizers.

On the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, December 21, the shadow of one of the blocks disappears when the sun is directly above it. At this point researchers are willing to concede that the layout appears intended, at a minimum, to mark the winter solstice. Further conclusions await more complete analysis. All this in an area and at a time declared by orthodox science to be strictly primitive. Mariana Petry Cabral, of Amapa’s Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and the project’s chief archaeologist, says the monument has been known to the local population for years.

Alternative researchers such as Harold T. Wilkins have long claimed that the Amazon region was home to advanced ancient civilization. Legends like that of El Dorado have led many to dream of fabulous temples and hoards of gold in the South American jungles.

In southern Brazil celebrated British explorer Col. Percy Fawcett disappeared in the 1920s searching for what he believed was a lost jungle metropolis. Tangible evidence for the existence of such a spot has never materialized, though, and the general idea of once advanced civilization in the dense rainforests of the Amazon basin has always been ridiculed by mainstream academia. With the new discovery, though, all that may change.

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Pic Source :
Atlantis Rising Magazine vol. 59 : “BRAZILIAN ‘STONEHENGE’ FOUND IN NORTHERN AREA” page 10

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