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2015 Conference Oct 9-11, REVIEW (0076- Conf. REVIEW2015)

2015 Conference Oct 9-11, REVIEW

Conference on Ancient America, 2015,
Hosted by AAPS and Ancient American Magazine
112 people attended for the 2.5 days of interesting programs.


Dana (with some suggestions from Judy) wrote the following conference overview to go on our Facebook page and AAPS website;

Dana Kenneth Johnson, AAPS Treasurer and A-V Technician reports for our Facebook AAPS site.

This is my first time attending, and then only because AAPS secretary Judy M. Johnson is my sister and her husband Glenn DeVlaminck is AAPS President, and because Judy recognized that I have A-V skills which helped make the presentations flow more smoothly and efficiently without technical failures.

* Jill Baker opened up the conference with a presentation of the history of the intriguing Burrows Cave. She included map sketches of the Cave, a site alleged by its discoverer Russell E. Burrows to contain a number of archaeological enigmas, many of which he extracted from the site before reportedly blowing up the entrance.  It was 1982 when Burrows found the site, then promptly lied about its location to throw off would-be site robbers.  The actual cave since, remains unexplored and on private land somewhere in southern Illinois.

* Dr. John White followed with a report of Hebrew symbols found on artifacts recovered from Burrows Cave.  Such things as menorahs, stars of David, and shofars are depicted, indicating Hebrew explorers to the area long before Columbus.

* Lee Pennington having just returned from Bosnia and extensive interviews with Sam Osmanagich,  presented detailed information that the Bosnian pyramids, several hundred feet taller and centuries older than the pyramids at Giza, are truly man made.  He shared lab evidence of monolithic blocks,  formed of higher grade concrete than current cement-making processes of today. The pyramids have more accurate alignment to true north than the pyramids of Giza.

* Anita Meyer offered her theories, backed up by her own body of evidence, that Hebrew is the root “Holy language” upon which most, if not all, other European-to-the Americas languages are based. She also presented ways to use the "Bible Code" and how sacred scrolls writing must not be changed one iota or history would be changed.

* Frank Joseph offered a view of how the Glacial Ages has affected mankind for millennia.  His insights revealed how entire civilizations, plants and animals, were destroyed by a lack of fresh, drinkable water for hundreds of years.

* Scott Wolter of History Channel’s “America Unearthed” and "Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar" series was scheduled to talk about the Talpiot Tomb discovered near Jerusalem in 1980.  But we enjoyed learning of his experiences while filming the new show, and his travels in Jerusulem, Portugal and Madagascar.

* Lee LeCaptain spoke about how his life as a producor of Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Shows,  was changed when an axehead with mysterious markings came into his possession. It turned out to be an ancient Templar executioner’s axe ordered by the Pope. It has been proven by top university, private, and NASA labs, that it was made from a meteorite, forged over the intense heat of a volcanic vent near the Mediterranean Sea.

* Dr. Geza Kisteleki here from Hungary,offered compelling proof of Lee LeCaptain’s meteoritic axe head being forged in the gases of a volcanic vent.  He also spoke about the extraterrestrial connections to various ancient artifacts. Interesting note: Europeans fully accept alien craft as fact, while many Americans are still disputing it.

* Jay Wakefield presented a study strongly supporting the colonization of the Americas by the Beaker people.  Similarly patterned artifacts found worldwide connect them to the establishment of civilizations all around the Atlantic Ocean from east to west, north to south.

* Dr. Brenda Franey shared data leading eventually to new discoveries surrounding her archaeological digs regarding the Knights Templar and numerous examples of chevron patterns found on her digs in Scotland and Wales.

* Dr. Robert List’s revelations about Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan and the strange formations found there in the last few decades, and about concerted efforts to preserve the location against pilfering, vandalism and loss.

* Mark Nickless spoke about the Chinese origin of the Piasa, an immense pictogram once decorating a rock face near Alton, Illinois, first reported by Father Marquette in the 1800s.

* Laurie Bonner Nickless discussed, as the title of her presentation delineates, “The Case for Luo Mao Deng’s Epic Being a Factual Record of a Meso-American Cahokia.”

* Arthur Faram’s presentation was to focus on the underwater pyramids of Yonaguni, Japan, but it ended up focusing on the similarities between symbols and images found on structures from disparate locales around the world, from Mesopotamia and the ancient Anunnaki culture to stone carvings found in Ecuador and other faraway places. He did get to the underwater pyramids noting the immense steps suggesting that perhaps a giant civilization (Anunnaki?) was involved in their construction. There are also geoglyphical alignments of significance to other ancient sites.

Christopher Dunn a knowledgeable engineer of many skills, was slated to present “The Mystery of Puma Punku” with research partner Dr. Arlan Andrews, but he first focused on ancient science and technology applied to the construction of the Pyramids of Giza and his research which then aired on several "Ancient Aliens" episodes on The History Channel.  He later shifted to the lost technologies of Peru and Bolivia, including a theory that the curious, large "H" stones may have been made as hinged doors to very large temples in the nearby lost city of Tiwanku.

Dr. Arlan Andrews also an engineer/scientist, explored the complexly sculpted Saihuite (AKA Sayhuite) Stone of Peru, proved an intriguing examination of a miniature water flow model used for agriculture and municipal water systems. A most intriguing, and not well known artifact.

John Shaughnessy offered an amazing connection between pyramids of the world and their gravity and moon effects on local and global geo-engineering technology.

Dr. Don Spohn presented many well organized images, (some quite unusual) and facts regarding copper artifacts mostly found in Michigan, and showing comparisons with copper artifacts found worldwide.

J. Hutton Pulitzer talked about -in a most entertaining fashion- the fiasco of History Channel’s investigation of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island money pit, and how TV covers up the truth in favor of sensationalism.

Bruce Hardwick and Duane Kinnart presented an incredibly heartfelt offering of Ojibway wisdoms, moved by Spirit, to share ancient knowledge of the critical importance of harmony among all peoples, communication, healing and love. Each generously shared in their own personal way which touched out hearts.

    Friday night after programs, Bruce and Duane led a Drumming Circle, with the assistance of Van Archiquette and Len Novak (an artistic drum-maker). A group of about 45 people sat around the firepit on the patio and felt what it's like to be immersed in the joy and harmony of a Native American ritual.


PROGRAM SCHEDULE; Subject to change ...and DID change!


Friday Oct 9th

7:30 – 9:15       Registration

9:15 – 9:30        Introduction, AAPS Board & Committees

9:30 – 9:45       Networking, Exhibits, Sales, Silent Auction

9:55 -10:50        Jill Baker: Burrow’s Cave Maps

11:05-12:00       Dr. John White: Menorahs, Stars of David & Shofars @ Burrow’s Cave

12:15 -12:30     Networking, Exhibits, Sales, Silent Auction

12:35-1:20        LUNCH

1:30 - 2:25         Lee Pennington; Bosnian Pyramids

2:45 – 3:40        Anita Meyer; In Search of the Holy Language

3:50 – 4:05   Exhibits, Sales, Silent Auction

4:15 – 5:10        Frank Joseph: The Glacial Ages and how they have affected Mankind for Millennia

5:45 – 6:45       DINNER   

6:45 - 7:40         Scott Wolter; The Talpoit Tomb

8:05 – 9:30        Lee LeCaptain and research partner, Dr. Geza Kestileki The Mystery Axe

After programs: Networking, Exhibits, Sales, Silent Auction

EVENING SOCIALIZING, Drumming on the Patio led by Bruce & Duane and Len Novak


Saturday Oct 10th

8:45 – 9:40        John Shaughnessy:  Pyramids & the Gravity Connection;

                 It’s effect on local & global geo-Engineering Technology

10:00 - 10:55 Jay Wakefield:

                 The Colonization of North and South America by the Beaker People       

11:00- 11:15     Networking, Exhibits, Sales, Silent Auction

11:20- 12:15      Dr. Brenda Franey; Scottish Rites Templar Perceptory, new discoveries.

12:20 -1:15       LUNCH

1:20 – 2:15        Mark Nickless, Laurie Bonner Nickless;

                 The True History of the Piasa; Buddhists in America

2:30 – 3:25        Stephen Knapp; The Vedic contributions to Ancient American Culture

3:40 – 4:00       Networking, Exhibits, Sales, Silent Auction

4:05 – 5:00        Bruce Cunningham;

                 Return to Preah Vihear – The Machu Pichu of SE Asia @ Ankor Wat

5:15 – 5:45        Networking, Exhibits, Sales, Silent Auction

5:45 -  6:40       DINNER

6:45 – 7:50        Christopher Dunn; The Mystery of Puma Punku of Tiwanku Bolivia with research partner, Dr. Arlan Andrews

8:10 – 9:05        Arthur Faram; Underwater Pyramids of Yonaguchi Japan


After Speakers, Finalize your bids and pay for SILENT AUCTION

EVENING SOCIALIZING, Cocktails to purchase in bar set-up in dining room.

Perhaps more Drumming on the Patio (or inside if weather is inclement)


Sunday Oct 11th

9:00 – 9:55        Dr. Don Spohn; Unusual Images & Facts on Copper Artifacts (mostly Michigan)
10:1011:05 Bruce Hardwick & Duane Kinnart; Ojibway Wisdoms

11:15 - Noon     Networking, Etc., Last minute sales, and FAREWELL
Dealers break down their exhibits, 11:15-


2015 Conference on Ancient America

Identification must be presented,
and full data entered on Registration Form

Name Badges must be worn at all times,

to enter programs and any AAPS areas


DAY PRICING (approx. $8.50/hr)


Fri. Oct 9th     9:30 – 12:30                 $25

Fri. Oct 9th  1:30 - 5:15                       $34

Fri. Oct 9th  6:45 -10:00                     $30

ALL DAY FRIDAY                                $90               


Sat. Oct 10th 8:30 – 12:30             $34

Sat. Oct 10th 1:20 - 5:45                   $36   

Sat. Oct 10th 6:45 -10:00                 $27

ALL DAY SATURDAY                          $97


Sun. 9:00 - Noon                                $25           



Christopher Dunn, Pyramid expert, Puma Punku studies. Topic The Mystery of Puma Punku at Tiwanaku, Brazil (assisted by scientist/researcher, Dr. Arlan Andrews)
Dr. Lee PenningtonFilm maker, author, poet. Topic- Bosnian Pyramids a JoLe Film
Dr. John White:  Researcher, symbology expert.
Menorahs, Stars of David, and Shofars at Burrows Cave
Bruce Cunningham: of Ancient Mysteries International: Topic- "Return to Preah Vihear - The Machu Pichu of SE Asia" Ankor Wat Cambodia
Stephen Knapp: Researcher/Author of dozens of books. Topic "The Vedic Contributions to Ancient American Culture"

John Shaugnessy Author of "Pyramid Gravity Force" topic: Pyramids & the Gravity Connection; It’s effect on local & global geo-Engineering Technology
(cancelled) Dr. Martin Link Expert/author on ancient Zuni & Navajo culture.
Frank Joseph  Prolific author of dozens of ancient research books. Topic : The Ice Ages and How they have affected cultures and civilizations through millenia
Scott Wolter: The Talpiot Tombs (Jesus and his family?)
Lee LeCaptain, Owner of mysterious large-blade axe with symbols. Topic; Research connected to the axe and his own ancient family line. Lee will have a supportive presenters related to his axe; Dr. Geza Kestileki of Hungary,who has discovered how metals were smelted using hot gas seeping from volcanoes.

Arthur Farum: Author. Topic- Underwater Pyramids off the coast of Japan
Jay Wakefield:  Author/researcher of ancient sites of the world. Topic-
The Colonization of North and South America by the Beaker People
Bruce Hardwick & Duane Kinnert:
Ojibway wisdoms
Dr. James Scherz: may have a short talk on recent research. He'll let us know as he moves along
Dr. Brenda Franey: Researcher in British Isles. Topic- Scottish Rites Templar Perceptory, new discoveries.
Jill Baker: Topic- Finding Burrow's Cave; Some details & maps of Burrows Cave locale.
Anita Meyer: Author, researcher on ancient/primordial languages. Topic- In Search of the Holy Language<>
Mark Nickless and Laurie Bonner Nickless
Authors Chasing Dragons; the True History of the Piasa. Topic: Chinese in America & the Piasa Dragon noted by Fr. Marquette.
Dr. Don Spohn, Our "Downstate Mr. Copper" is able to come this year with new information. Topic: Unusual Images and Facts on Copper Artifacts"

As always, speakers and topics are subject to change 


Here's an overview from Oct 2014, AAPS News
 From Your President, Glenn E. DeVlaminck
    Another big conference is behind us and we are planning our 11th, this time in a larger facility at Island Resort, Casino & Convention Center in Harris, Michigan, 
12 miles west of Escanaba on Hwy US 2/41.
    The 10th was our largest and arguably our best to date. There was a lot of information exchanged and many topics covered.
    For next year (2015) we will be focusing on things archaeological, artifactual and archaeo-anthropological. Subjects that may be more esoteric or off-point will be less prominent, though we leave the door open for future events.
    Challenge: We love our old friends and making new friends, but wish to remind everyone that we strive to maintain our leading edge, so ask you potential speakers to put on your thinking caps to offer new data and presentations that reflect the quality of our organization and members. We aim for presentations with plenty of "meat on the bone" archaeologically speaking.

    Tweaking for better flow: We are proposing 55-60 minutes per speaker with a full 15 min. between each for technical set-ups, networking, cogitating, and personal needs. Short updates will be kept to 15 minutes and grouped together without a break. As we become more technical, and different presenters come with varied formats, we need transition time too, to keep things running as smoothly as possible. With more break time, this means we must limit to fewer speakers than in years past; 8 per day Friday & Saturday, and 2 on Sunday makes a total of 18...not 22-23 as we have sometimes crammed in. That many speakers makes it tough on our viewers bodies and minds. We have been told that breaks are good to not only get up and move about, but to think about what was just heard.

    We are checking with other event planners who have more experience with varied equipment and technical things, and we are installing more programs into our computer, for better readiness and smoother transitions. Practice...and experience ...makes perfect. Well, better each time, anyway.
Island Resort, Casino, Convention Center is noted for their good food. We have selected delicious buffets with enough variety to suit most tastes. The Center will happily work with special dietary needs, when notified in advance.

    Our Topics: There has been a little (very little) rumbling about some speakers not being "professional" enough. To that we remind you we are an amateur group of archaeological enthusiasts who can be impassioned by the siren song of mystery. Curiosity needs no credentials. We WELCOME the amateur finders of interesting things, who may not have any answers, but they have the what to show and share. Let it be our more experienced friends who help discover the why and the when.  If anyone has a complaint about a speaker's topics, we ask you to peaceably talk about it during breaks, mealtime or after hours over a cold adult beverage. If you need more room for rebuttal, write an article or letter to the editor for our gracious co-host's  Ancient American Magazine, and Mr. May will eventually publish it. After all, when considering something new, you must remember that the Pioneers take the arrows. G.E.D.

Here's a copy/paste press release for those who wish to help promote this event on their websites or club newsletters, or emails:

"The 11th Annual Conference on Ancient America, hosted by AAPS/Ancient Artifact Preservation Society and Ancient American Magazine, is to be held Oct. 9-11 at Island Resort/Casino & Convention Center, Harris Michigan. World class speakers, authors, film-makers and researchers will be bringing their latest news and leading edge discoveries of ancient life and travels around the world, and to the Americas. Some relate directly to ancient copper removal from the largest, purest copper range in the world, in the Upper Peninsula. This conference is for people of intelligence and curiosity; those who love The History Channel, H2, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel, and the like. Information and registration: www.aapsCopper.org, or phone 906-942-7865"

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